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Shooting & Goal Scoring Soccer Camps

Players take 1000 Shots on Goal in a Week

Players take more Shots on Goal here than at any other camp . We start by teaching and/or ensuring players have the proper Form/Technique and build up to working on every area where Scoring Chances occur and cover all types of Shooting/Finishing situations. Our repetitive Shooting Exercises allow players to build muscle memory so Scoring Goals becomes 2nd Nature. This proven method of practicing is what made Coach Snow one of this nations best Goal Scorers. Coach Snow has helped thousands of players get to the next level of their development. The training methods and drills we use have benefited players at all levels, from young players just learning from the beginning to players with College or Professional aspirations perfecting the art of Scoring Goals.

Camps will cover:

  • Ensuring proper technique of Right & Left foot shot
  • 1st Time & 2 touch shots from distance
  • Receiving w/back to goal, turning & Finishing
  • 1v1 technique’s to Goal
  • Side Volleys & Half Volleys
  • Headers w/Near & far Post runs
  • Curving Shots, Chipping Balls
  • Breakaways, 1v1 with keeper
  • 1 v 1’s, 2 v 1’s, 2 v 2’s, 3 v 3’s, Small Sided Games
Camp Concept

The concept of the Camp is to get the players to take as many technically correct shots on goal w/both feet and from all areas on the field at as fast a pace that is possible for that particular player so when a players get scoring chances in games they can calmly convert those chances because they have practiced that shot over and over.

Camp Format

 4-6 players per goal with 20-25 balls for each group. 2-3 players shoot 15-25 shots for each exercise while others serve & chase balls. We repeat each exercise for both feet. Practicing that shot over and over creates muscle memory so Finishing the soccer ball becomes 2nd nature to players.

We choose 5-6 different Shooting & Scoring scenarios and situations each day so each player takes 10-12(both Feet) Shooting sets of 20 shots each. Hardworking players should expect to take around 200 shots per day.

Who is this Camp for? 
  • Any soccer player regardless of age, level or position that want to get better at Shooting the soccer ball. Players at every position need to be able to shoot the soccer ball
  • Players at every level. From the young player who hasn’t been taught the proper way to shoot up to the high level player with college aspirations who wants increase their Goal Scoring output
  • Players who want better technique that will lead to more power and better accuracy
  • Any Soccer player who wants to have fun and Scoremore goals

Summer Camp Itinerary

9:00-9:15:  Warm-up of Juggling exercises, dribbling, passing and heading
9:15-11:00:  Shooting Exercises:10-12 sets of 15-25 shots each alternating Right & Left Foot
11:00-11:45: Small-sided games/scrimmages
11:45-12:15: Lunch/Rest
12:15-12:45: 1v1’s w/dribbling moves, receiving w/back to goal & turning, 2v1’s
12:45-2:00: Shooting Contests, Soccer Tennis, Small Sided Games/Scrimmaging

 Winter Camps(2 Hours)

  • 10-15 minute warm-up of Juggling exercises, dribbling, passing and heading
  • 75-90 minutes: Shooting Exercises-10 sets of 20 shots each
  • 30 minutes: Small-sided games/scrimmages

Learning, practicing and repeating a technically correct shot increases power and accuracy.
With enough practice, Shooting & Scoring Goals will become 2nd Nature.
There is no better Camp to improve Ball Striking, Shooting & Scoring Goals.
Technique and Hard Work can take your child to the next level.

Being able to score when the opportunity presents itself can be the difference between:
 A win and a loss.

 Riding the bench and starting.
Making the ‘A’ team or the ‘B’ team
Being a High School Player or a College Player

If these things are important to your child then this is the camp your child needs to attend.




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